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Tiger Capital is proud to be a Chairman’s Club “parent” of two female Sumatran tiger cubs, Kali and Indah, born on June 28th, 2006 and residing at the Toronto Zoo, Toronto Canada. This is the second litter born to the Zoo’s two adult tigers Brytne and Rengat. Their first three offspring, born in 2003, now reside, on loan, at the Dallas Zoo.

Sumatran tigers are currently classified as a critically endangered species with as few as 400 remaining in the wild. Experts fear that they will be extinct in 10 years. They are the smallest (the Siberian tiger is the largest tiger in the world) and darkest of the tiger species. Cubs are born helpless and blind after a gestation period of approximately 100 days. In the wild you'll find these rare animals in the tropical rainforests on the Island of Sumatra.

For more information on the cubs and/or Sumatran tigers, please visit www.torontozoo.com